The 80th Anniversary of the Martyrs Committee of Tulle: A Rich and Moving Commemorative Program

A Diverse Program for Commemoration and Reflection

We are soon celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Martyrs Committee of Tulle, a milestone that will be commemorated through a series of significant and poignant events. Through exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and ceremonies, the Committee is committed to perpetuating the memory of the victims of June 9, 1944, and to imparting the lessons of the past to future generations.

Les dates à retenir :

  • From June 3rd to 16th (mediatheque): Exhibitions on Dachau | Films | Conferences by Mr. Henri Ménudier
  • From June 3rd to 9th (Cultural and Sports Center): Exhibition “The Tragedy of Tulle and Its Context” | Screening of documentaries | Workshop on Making Small Porcelain Birds
  • From June 10th to 16th (salle Latreille bas): Exhibition “The Tragedy of Tulle and Its Context” | Screening of documentaries | Workshop on Making Small Porcelain Birds (extension of the exhibition at the cultural and sports center).
  • June 8th at 8:30 PM (Auditorium of the Departmental Council): Concert
  • June 9th before the ceremony (under the covered market): Speeches
  • Traditional ceremonies of June 9th (Haut Lieu de Cueille)

Program for the 80th Anniversary of the Martyrs Committee of Tulle

Exhibitions and Screenings: Immersion into History

1. From June 3rd to June 16th at the Mediatheque
  • Exhibition on Dachau: A captivating exhibition, materialized by explanatory panels, photos, and sketches, offers a deep dive into the history of the Dachau camp.
  • Films: The auditorium will host screenings of films such as “La Mémoire des Vivants” and “Les SS de la Division Das Reich”.
  • Conference: Mr. Henri Ménudier, honorary professor at Sorbonne Nouvelle University Paris 3 and specialist in Franco-German relations, honors us with his presence for a lecture.
2. From June 3rd to June 9th at the Cultural and Sports Center
  • Exhibition “The Tragedy of Tulle and Its Context”: In collaboration with ONAC VG, this exhibition, presented through texts and photos, retraces the tragedy of Tulle on about fifteen panels measuring approximately 200cm by 80cm each.
  • Screening of Documentaries: In this room, a selection of about ten documentaries and interviews with currently surviving witnesses, recently produced by the Martyrs Committee, will be shown continuously.
  • Workshop on Making Small Porcelain Birds: Additionally, there will be a workshop set up for making small porcelain birds. This concept, developed by two artists, was presented to us by our partner member “Peuple et Culture” (PEC). The artists behind this concept are Mathéo CLAUSSE and Shuling LIU, visual artists, who have associated a theme with a particularly simple, quick, and efficient manufacturing system. The theme of birds during this anniversary period holds particularly strong symbolism. Indeed, these small birds will be molded with folded wings, as if deprived of freedom. The choice of “modest” small birds, akin to the majority of victims of June 9th, is also a reaction to the Nazi’s emblematic “eagle.” Every participant, young or old, will have the opportunity to paint a bird directly in the mold and then pour the porcelain. Once “baked,” the bird will emerge colored without any additional manufacturing steps in a ceramic kiln. This workshop serves a dual purpose, both artistic and educational. Indeed, the time spent with participants will involve recounting the events while simultaneously revealing the magic of creation.
Entrée de Dachau en 1945 (P9)
Entrée de Dachau en 1945 (P9)
Baraquements de prisonniers à Dachau (P10)
3. From June 10th to June 16th at salle Latreille bas

This room is reserved from Monday, June 10th to Sunday, June 16th to continue the same exhibitions and activities as those previously held at the Cultural and Sports Center (sections 2 and 3).

Three members of the Martyrs Committee will simultaneously provide reception and animation during the duration of the activities in each of the two rooms.

Additional Information

In 1994, for the 50th anniversary, at the initiative of our partner member PEC, and on an idea by Cueco, trees were planted in a municipal land near Auzelou, since named “Forest of Remembrance.”

A granite block that was intended to become a stele, installed by the Municipality at the time, had tipped over during unloading and was left in that state.

Very opportunistically, PEC’s idea is to have small metal plaques engraved, by the aforementioned two artists, with phrases taken from the archives, written by deportees at the time of their departure in the trucks, for June 2024. These plaques will be affixed to the granite block.

This pertinent initiative will honor, on this 80th anniversary, our martyrs from the north to the south of the city.

Commemorative Concert

4. On June 8th at 8:30 PM: Commemorative Concert at the Auditorium of the Departmental Council

We are organizing, for the 3rd consecutive year, our Concert which will be held in the auditorium of the Departmental Council with a capacity of 300 seats and will begin at 8:30 PM.

The artists present for this event are as follows: Tamayo IKEDA, Louis RODDE, Nathalie MARCILLAC, and Frédéric VALY.

Speeches and Ceremonies: Honoring and Remembering

5. Speeches on June 9th under the covered market before the ceremonies

The Martyrs Committee and the city of Tulle have always refrained from any speeches or addresses during the June 9th ceremonies, especially at the Haut Lieu de Cueille. We will certainly uphold this commitment.

However, for this 80th anniversary and before the start of the ceremonies, it seems appropriate to mark the event with 3 short but complementary speeches, respectively by the Mayor, the President of the Martyrs Committee, and the Prefect, as follows:

  • Take advantage of the prior gathering of families and the public under the covered market of the train station to testify and reiterate to each individual the significance of the event, and ensure that the content of our speeches remains “messages of unity and republican civic-mindedness,” allowing everyone to come together, more united than ever, on this sacred day through an indestructible memory and collective solemnity to pay even more intense homage and honor to our martyrs.
  • Each speech should not exceed 5 minutes.
6. Traditional ceremonies of June 9th

Among the potential guests, I have requested and obtained the presence on this day of Mr. Florian Hartmann, Mayor of Dachau, and Mr. Robert Ilg, Mayor of Hersbruck-Flossenbürg.

Also planned is the fabrication and installation of medallion photos sealed on the wall, on the interior side of the Cueille site, for all of our martyrs (those tortured and deported). These medallions will be made of porcelain, sized 12cmx15cm, and will include the name and first name of each victim. This set will naturally be placed and installed before June 9th.

We also wish that starting from June 9, 2024, during the reading of each tortured person’s name, their age be announced, and for the deportees, the place of their death (death train, Dachau, Auschwitz, etc.) be specified.

Concert 8 juin

A Living and Active Duty of Remembrance

The 80th anniversary of the Martyrs Committee of Tulle underscores the vitality of collective memory and the importance of intergenerational transmission. Through these diverse events, the Committee strengthens its commitment to educate, commemorate, and inspire, reminding everyone of the invaluable worth of freedom, justice, and peace. These celebrations not only look back at the past; they also pave the way for the future by encouraging deep reflection on the lessons of history and their relevance in the contemporary world. By highlighting the sacrifices of the victims and honoring their memory, the Martyrs Committee of Tulle provides a source of inspiration for all those working to build a fairer and more harmonious world, a world where respect for human rights and the dignity of each individual lie at the heart of our coexistence.

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