The Tulle Martyrs Committee: A Continuous Commitment Through Educational Conferences

Upcoming Conference Schedule

The Tulle Martyrs Committee continues its educational mission in 2024 with a program of conferences planned in various schools as well as in certain towns and municipalities. The interventions began on January 26th at François Villon College in St Gély du Fesc and will continue throughout the year in different colleges such as Victor Hugo in Tulle, Beynat, Egletons, and many others. These meetings are designed to raise awareness among the younger generations as well as people of all ages about the history and lessons of the Second World War.

Upcoming Conferences

  • April 26: Municipality of St Mexant (19)
  • April 27: Municipality of Aubazine (19)
  • May 2: Orlinde College in Bretenoux (Lot)
  • May 4: Municipality of St Priest de Gimel (19)
  • May 16: André Fargeas College in Lubersac (19)
  • May 17: Municipality of Argentat (19)
  • October 18: Municipality of Jugeals Nazareth (19)

Why does the Committee of Martyrs of Tulle hold these conferences?

The Committee of Martyrs tirelessly pursues its mission of raising awareness and educating about the tragedies of World War II, particularly the Tulle tragedy of June 9, 1944. Through an intensive program of conferences and educational activities, the Committee is committed to passing on the lessons of the past to current and future generations. This article highlights the Committee’s diverse program, distinguishing initiatives in schools from interventions in towns and municipalities.

Upcoming Conference Program: A Dual Approach

In Educational Institutions

From 2022 to 2024, the Committee has intensified its educational efforts with a busy schedule of school interventions. The actions began this year in late January at the François Villon Middle School in St Gély du Fesc, and will continue with a series of interventions scheduled in various middle schools in the region, including the Victor Hugo Middle School in Tulle, where several sessions are planned. These interventions are essential for raising young people’s awareness of the importance of historical memory.

Number of Institutions Reached

The scope of educational activities is impressive, with over 20 schools visited since 2022. Each intervention provides an opportunity to engage in constructive discussions with students, prompting them to reflect on the importance of historical memory in shaping their civic identity.

Number of Students Sensitized

The numbers testify to the considerable impact of these conferences. Thousands of students have been reached by these interventions, benefiting from direct access to quality information on topics sometimes unfamiliar from World War II. The interactive approach and student participation in activities such as “roundtable discussions” reinforce their engagement and understanding of the topics covered.

Photo conférences pédagogie et communication comité des martyrs de Tulle (1)
Middle School Educational Conference

In Cities and Municipalities

Meanwhile, the Committee extends its message beyond the classroom, reaching a wider audience through conferences in various municipalities in Corrèze and other departments. Notable events include the conference on the theme “Pain and Torment” in Monaco, highlighting the international scope of their actions. Each intervention aims to engage communities in a dialogue about the past and its repercussions on the present and future.

Number of Cities Reached

The impact of the initiatives by the Committee of Martyrs transcends the classrooms to deeply embed itself in the heart of French cities and municipalities. Since the launch of its program of conferences and educational actions, the Committee has left its mark on over twenty localities, ranging from Corrèze to Hérault and even reaching Monaco. Each intervention in these diverse communities is driven by a desire to share and transmit memory, reaching a varied audience, from young schoolchildren to engaged citizens. The breadth of these actions underscores the universality of the Committee’s message, highlighting the importance of a living and shared collective memory, beyond geographical or generational boundaries.


The Press is Talking About It

The significant impact of these conferences has not gone unnoticed. The regional and national press has regularly highlighted the work of the Committee, recognizing its importance in the French educational and memorial landscape.

Past Conferences

Conference de 2022

  • November 2022: Ménoire Municipality
  • December 2022: We were selected by the Monégasque association, which, on the theme “Pain and Torment,” asked our Committee to hold a conference on the Tulle Tragedy of June 9, 1944. It was presented on December 6, 2022, by Roland Gonieau.

2023 Conference

Our Educational and Communication activities in 2023 were dense and varied. We intervened notably:

  • January: Jean Lurçat Middle School in Brive | Saint-Martial de Gimel Municipality (19)
  • February: Uzerche Middle School (5 successive interventions) | Espagnac Municipality (19)
  • March: Orlinde Middle School in Bretenoux (Lot)
  • March 4: Screening of the film “Miss Marie” at the Tulle Media Library in partnership with the Tulle/Schorndorf Twinning Committee and the ACJNA (Association of Twinning Municipalities of Nouvelle Aquitaine)
  • December 4: In partnership with the ONACvg, conference by Mrs. Frania Eisenbach Haverland, survivor of death camps
  • April: Sainte Fortunade Municipality (19)
  • May: Armande Baudry Middle School in Seilhac (19) | Victor Hugo Middle School in Tulle (5 successive interventions) | Sainte Féréole Municipality (19)
  • June: Amédée Bisch Middle School in Beynat (19) | Conserverie Hall in Uzerche (19)
  • July: Saint Merd les Oussines Municipality (19): interventions for 3 days with 3 groups of young people from the SNU (National Universal Service)
  • October: Chenaillers-Mascheix Municipality (19)

2024 Conference

The year 2024 will be just as busy, as confirmed by the calendar of past actions below:

  • January 26: François Villon Middle School in St Gély du Fesc (Hérault)
  • January 30: Victor Hugo Middle School in Tulle (2 interventions)
  • January 31: Victor Hugo Middle School (2 interventions)
  • February 2: Beynat Middle School (19)
  • February 5: Egletons Middle School (19) 3 classes
  • February 7: Clemenceau Middle School in Tulle
  • February 8: Victor Hugo Middle School (2 interventions)
  • February 9: Support and information for 90 students from Clemenceau Middle School on the memorial tour of the places of hanging of our 99 martyrs (speakers: M.Drelon, Ch.Godillon, R.Gonieau, A.Peuch).
  • February 12: Meymac Middle School (19) (2 classes)
  • February 16: Clemenceau Middle School – “Roundtable discussions with students” operation
  • February 20: Presentation on France Culture (speakers: G.Chavant and R.Gonieau)
  • March 4: Merlines Middle School (19)
  • March 7: Meyssac Middle School (19)
  • March 28: Building Trades High School in Felletin (23)

Conclusion on past and upcoming conferences

In conclusion, the conference program of the Martyrs Committee reflects a deep commitment to educating about the ravages of war and the importance of remembrance. This sustained effort aims to instill in both younger generations and adults an increased awareness of the consequences of historical forgetfulness. By addressing difficult yet essential subjects, the Martyrs Committee provides a necessary space for reflection and learning for all.

Across the towns and municipalities affected by these interventions, the message of the Committee has resonated far beyond the borders of Corrèze, reaching a diverse and extensive audience. This comprehensive approach enables the weaving of connections between local histories and the universal issues of memory and reconciliation.

The ambitious program of conferences and educational initiatives led by the Committee is a living testament to resilience and the determination to transmit the lessons of the past. It underscores the importance of keeping alive the memory of those who have suffered and sacrificed their lives in dark periods of our history. The Martyrs Committee, with the support of the press and the educational community, continues to play a crucial role in promoting a more informed, tolerant, and peaceful society.

This commitment to education and awareness confirms the vital importance of knowing and understanding our past, not only to honor those who have been lost but also to forge a future where such tragedies are unimaginable. The work of the Committee, widely disseminated and supported, remains an essential pillar in the memorial, educational, and cultural landscape, not only in France but also on an international scale.

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