Exceptional Concert in Tulle on June 8, 2024: “When Beauty Saves Us”

A tailor-made program

The Committee of Martyrs of Tulle, in collaboration with the municipality of Tulle and the Departmental Council, invites you to a significant moment of sharing to honor together the memory of the 80th anniversary of the tragic events of 1944 with a tailor-made concert: “When Beauty Saves Us,” which will take place on June 8, 2024, at 8:30 PM, at the Auditorium of the Departmental Council.

A journey from shadow to light

The exceptional and carefully curated program offers a journey from shadow to light, bringing about tranquility and hope. The pieces have been meticulously selected to provide you with deep reflections on freedom, the elevation of the soul, the quest for peace, and meaning.

The concert will unfold in two parts. The first, presented by two regional artists, Nathalie MARCILLAC (voice) and Frédéric VALY (accordion), both heartfelt artists deeply committed to commemorative events for many years. Their program will feature poems by authors related to the atrocities and sung melodies.

The second part will be presented by two artists, Tamayo IKEDA (Pianist – Japanese artist) and Louis RODDE (Cellist – Paris), who will offer you a unique duo performance. For this occasion, they are performing together for the first time. Particularly moved by the history that brings us together, they have created an initiatory path, choosing works and composers for their historical significance and spiritual depth. It’s a rare opportunity to come together, reflect, and let beauty soothe the present while opening up new futures.

The date and venue to remember:

  • June 8, 2024, at 8:30 PM at the Auditorium of the Departmental Council.
  • Mandatory reservation: Contact 06 32 26 57 27.
Concert 8 juin

1st Part: DUO Nathalie Marcillac – voice & Frédéric Valy – accordion


« Because the duty of remembrance has always been a compass in my personal commitment and in my artistic career, it is closest to the people that I wish to maintain the memory passed down by previous generations. Artists, too, are memory carriers. Eighty years after the massacre of Tulle on June 9, 1944, carried by the notes of the accordion and enveloped in deep emotion, my voice will interpret the words of mourning and suffering in tribute to the victims of this dreadful tragedy. Singing to pay homage, singing to transmit, singing to honor the memory of all those who fell, as well as their families… »


Nathalie MARCILLAC, a lyric artist graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, has been entrusted with numerous roles on various French and European stages, thanks to her vocal and theatrical qualities. She is the author of several shows associated with the concept of “Memory Carriers,” including “Et l’on chantait toujours,” paying tribute to the resistance fighter Joséphine Baker, at the request of the owner of Château des Milandes in Dordogne; and “14-18 La Fleur au Fusil,” a creation endorsed by the Ministry of Defense as part of the Centenary Mission.


« As a musician involved in events related to memory and my role as a teacher at the Tulle Conservatory, transmission lies at the heart of my approach. Contributing to its inscription to honor the memory of the city in which I teach is a natural step for me. »


Professor at the Conservatoires of Tulle and Brive.

Stage partner of Nathalie Marcillac for over 10 years in various commemorations and events related to the resistance.

2nd PART: Tamayo Ikeda – Piano & Louis Rodde – Cello


« Invited to honor the memory of the massacre of Tulle, I felt a great hesitation. This heinous act was entirely unknown to me, and the realization of these horrors filled me with shame for not having been aware of them earlier. As a Japanese person, I considered declining the invitation, feeling unworthy to participate in the commemoration of such a profound tragedy.

The follies of humanity continue to mark our world. This barbarism remains, lurking in our shadows.

I will allow myself to play, hoping that the souls cruelly torn find peace and that their memory guides us to avoid repeating these mistakes. They live in the song of birds, the rustling of leaves, the breath of the wind, the melody of music, and in love :

They embody the beauty of humanity. »


Graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, Tamayo IKEDA has won several international awards such as the International F. Poulenc Competition in Epinal, Porto, and Y. Lefébure. She has performed concerts worldwide, in prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall in New York. Her Schubert-Liszt album was selected among the top 20 CDs of 2023 in Canada. She has recently recorded a Fauré Chopin album set for release in 2024.


« Participating in the commemoration of a tragic episode in history such as the massacre of June 9, 1944 in Tulle raises the question of memory: how to tell things? What to share? How can our musician’s perspective serve such an event?

We have designed this musical accompaniment as a metaphorical journey of the soul towards tranquility.

 Beyond the symbolic significance of each chosen piece (such as the “Song of the Birds” by Pau Casals, an anthem to freedom, Messiaen’s “Lauds,” expressing the elevation of the soul and composed in a Stalag, and Bach’s Suites, played by the great cellist Rostropovich on the day of the fall of the Berlin Wall), through which a unique dramaturgy unfolds, vibrant with its multiple references to episodes of modern history, we wished for each person to intimately feel the significance of these works in what they convey about humanity’s relationship to one another, the question of the soul, nature, forgiveness, and peace. » 


Lauréat des « révélations classiques de l’Adami », de la Fondation Cziffra, du concours de l’ARD de Munich, le violoncelliste Louis Rodde nourrit un parcours singulier au fil de ses multiples rencontres musicales et parcourt les salles du monde entier (Philharmonie de Paris, Concertgebouw d’Amsterdam, Konzerthaus de Berlin, Frick Collection de New York, Wigmore Hall de Londres…), notamment au sein du Trio Karénine dont il est un membre fondateur. Sa discographie éclectique pour les labels Mirare, NomadMusic et B records a été saluée par la presse internationale. Louis enseigne la musique de chambre au Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.

Practical Information

Organization and Access

To participate in this exceptional event, the municipality has arranged for certain nearby roads to be cleared so that participants can drive to the departmental council building. We encourage those who have made reservations (reservation is mandatory) to arrive on site 30 minutes before the performance.

Contact and Information

For more information about the concert, tickets, or specific questions, feel free to contact us at 06 32 26 57 27.

The Role of Art in Commemoration

This concert is more than just an artistic performance; it’s an act of living memory. It’s crucial to remember tragedies to prevent them from recurring and to allow moments that connect each of us to our own creative power. There are the facts and what we make of them. This event is a unique opportunity for contemplation, reflection, and introspection, to let the beauty of music build bridges to and for peace.

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