Memorial space

Our future Memorial Space: Former Baths of Souilhac

(Opening planned for 2025)

Projected program and outreach

These premises will be places of history and memory with cultural and educational purposes.

This vibrant space will permanently welcome diverse audiences of all nationalities, all generations, including schools, students, historians, and various associations.

The 200m² of this Memorial Space will be arranged for permanent and temporary exhibitions using archival documents, various iconographies, complemented by testimonials and audio-visual documents in French, German, and English, retracing the context and unfolding of the atrocities committed by Nazism and its murderous ideology.

The objective is also, through this tragedy, to encourage visitors to reflect on the Second World War, and more generally on the current resonances of this conflict and the processes that lead to such violence.

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Numerous actions will be developed and implemented, including:

  • The conference series, already underway in numerous schools and in several municipalities in Corrèze and beyond, covering various themes and, depending on circumstances, adaptable to specific audiences. They may, according to the selected themes, be led by members of the Board of Directors and historians (some of whom are already members of our Committee).
  • In addition to permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions and off-site exhibitions on themes and topics to be determined will be planned, in connection with current events.
  • Creation and maintenance of a digital database, aimed at making it a real tool for interaction between the public and our Memorial Space, especially with school groups. Once online, this database will provide free access to a large number of documents and information related to the events that mourned the department of Corrèze and more specifically the city of Tulle in June 1944. By supplementing this database with important elements, the aim will be to offer “remote” educational workshops with French or German institutions.

De plus, une salle de réunion d’environ 50m2 sera équipée afin de pouvoir recevoir ponctuellement des étudiants en maitrise ou dAdditionally, a meeting room of approximately 50m² will be equipped to occasionally host master’s or doctoral students.octorat.

We obviously plan to network with other memorial sites in France and abroad.

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The permanent exhibition

Discover the poignant and meaningful history through the permanent exhibitions of the Tulle Martyrs Committee. Our memorial space, located in the former Baths of Souilhac and scheduled to open in 2025, will house 200m² of captivating exhibitions.

These exhibitions, rich in archival documents, photographs, and audio-visual testimonials in French, German, and English, detail the context and unfolding of the atrocities committed by Nazism in June 1944. Visitors will have the opportunity to delve into history, reflect on the Second World War, and explore the current resonances of this conflict.

Our commitment through these exhibitions aims to honor the memory of the victims while encouraging reflection and awareness.

Temporary exhibitions

Discover the unprecedented through our temporary exhibitions, exploring a variety of subjects related to the Second World War and beyond. Each carefully selected exhibition offers a unique perspective on various aspects of history, going beyond the tragedy of Tulle in June 1944. These exhibitions, regularly renewed, invite you to delve into rich and varied themes of this crucial period. To explore our past and upcoming temporary exhibitions, click the button below.

Upcoming temporary exhibitions