Welcome to our “Resources” page. Here, we provide you with a wealth of rich and varied information, carefully selected to deepen your understanding of the historical events that have marked the city of Tulle and the department. Explore archival documents, poignant testimonies, in-depth analyses, and much more. Whether you’re a researcher, student, or simply a history enthusiast, this section is designed to offer you easy access to a variety of resources. Immerse yourself in our collection to discover lesser-known facets of history and contribute to preserving collective memory.

Brochures for the 70th anniversary of the Committee of Martyrs of Tulle

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of our association, we presented this informative brochure specially designed to commemorate this significant event. This detailed support was carefully crafted to offer visitors an in-depth perspective on the historical events related to Tulle during World War II.

As you flip through these brochures, you’ll discover unpublished facts, moving testimonies, and insightful analyses, thereby contributing to the preservation and transmission of the duty of memory. These resources are available to you in our dedicated section, allowing you to explore and enrich your understanding of this crucial period in our history.

Notice of judgments for deportees

Dive into the poignant history of deportees through the captured judgment notices in photos, a precious collection we provide in our Resources section. These moving documents bear witness to the trials and injustices experienced by those who were deported during World War II.

Explore these pages of history with authentic judgment notice images, thereby paying tribute to the victims, perpetuating their memory, and raising awareness among future generations about the importance of preserving peace and human dignity.

Discover these poignant visual testimonies and engage in deep reflection on the duty of remembrance.

Judgment Notices for the Martyrs

Explore the painful history of the martyrs through judgment notices, poignant documents we provide in our Resources section. These judgment notices, immortalized in photos, reveal the extent of the suffering endured by those who fell victim to Nazi barbarism during World War II.

Dive into these visual archives, authentic testimonies of the atrocities committed, and honor the memory of these innocent souls who were cruelly sacrificed. By exploring these documents, we seek to preserve historical truth, pay tribute to the victims, and provoke deep reflection on the tragic consequences of hatred and intolerance. Engage with these poignant visual testimonies and join us in our duty of remembrance.

The Tulle Trial in 1951

Explore a wealth of essential information in our “Resources” section. Delve into the details of the Tulle Trial in 1951, a crucial step in the pursuit of justice following the tragic events of World War II.

Explore authentic documents, testimonies, and analyses that shed light on the facts and stakes of this historic moment. This section provides you with privileged access to valuable resources to deepen your understanding of this dark period in the history of Tulle.

The Roland Gonieau Conference
“The Massacre of Tulle, June 9, 1944” (Emmanuel Amara) (2013)
“Das Reich, A SS Division in France (Part Two and Conclusion)”
June 9, 1944: Memories of Tulle
The protagonists of the hanged men of Tulle
E2R History – Oradour and Tulle: Fading Memories?

Documentaries and videos

Immerse yourself in history with our selection of documentaries and videos. Explore moving testimonies, rare archives, and in-depth analyses of the tragic events in Tulle during World War II.

This section offers a captivating immersion into the narratives and images that defined this dark period. Discover unique perspectives and poignant testimonies to enrich your understanding of the history of Tulle.